Saturday, March 22, 2014

Urban Hotel

The Amber Hotels wanted to create a boutique business hotel in south Delhi to offer guests the luxurious ambience associated with larger hotels. The strategy was to create calm ambience in contrast to the bustling, invasive city. 

The public spaces aggregated at the entrance level, designed in crisply-detailed white finishes, while the rooms on upper floors employ richer palette of warm colours. A large central courtyard, enlivened by a mirror mosaic mural by Vivek Sahni, brings light to public spaces and doubles up as the breakfast area. At night, the terrace garden, is an excellent dining/lounge space for guests. 

The retrofitted fa├žade is a juxtaposition of two wooden elements on white background; an off-center vertical screen and a cantilevered canopy on the terrace, curbing the street sound. The white block of rooms on upper floors floats over transparent public spaces at ground level. The contrast is heightened at night, with interior light and activity animating the dull nature of endless neighboring boundary walls.

Sustainability is a central idea to systems and finishes. Therefore, the hotel has a solar water heating system, key tags sense and control electrical usage in rooms, intelligent VRVII air-conditioning systems minimize energy usage, rainwater is reused and material waste has been incorporated. 

Bathrooms were designed to contrast richer tones of the rooms, and are finished in a muted palette of white and grey stone, blonde wood and glass with rigorous detailing to ensure sustained performance. Colourful Indian art of the pre-colonial era is used throughout the hotel as a counterpoint to the pristine white surfaces.

Designed with a contemporary minimal aesthetic and punctuated with local cultural references by way of art and furniture, the hotel successfully caters to the needs of global traveller while showcasing Indian crafts & tradition.

Sukhdev Vihar,
New Delhi
Built-Up Area                
8000 Sq.Ft.

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