Tuesday, February 4, 2014

House 7

Located in a leafy, quiet suburb of Delhi, the house was conceived for a small family. With a client brief of a modern aesthetic, the spatial planning had to strictly adhere to vaastu principles of planning. The plot had been purchased with the same thought, which unfortunately meant a large blank wall on the south side. Not only would this permit in a lot of heat, but also meant that natural light requirements would be necessitated through architectural interventions.

A large courtyard in the centre of the house brings in light to the heart of the house, permeating though all spaces including the large formal living room in the basement. The south wall was made as a double cavity wall to act as a thermal buffer. On the upper floors, the cube of the house was cut away in the north-east corner to create a terrace, covered with a wooden pergola. A large party terrace on the second floor is created as a step-out space, while the service terraces are concealed at the rear.

Two contrasting stone colors are used on the façade along with dark polished wood of the window frames, to create a muted palette. The slender metal column at the corner further breaks down the cubic composition of the façade, while large panes of clear tempered glass dissolve the boundaries between the voluminous internal spaces and the large gardens that surround the house.

Sushant Lok,Gurgaon
Built-Up Area                 
12000 Sq.Ft.

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